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wand fiber optic

Wand – Fiber Optic Strobe Prism


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This cool strobing wand has action at both ends! A faceted ball tip projects brilliant ever-changing diamond patterns on any surface, while the super-fast strobing wand creates an electrifying multicolor streaking light show in motion.

This amazing sword has 2 different light shows in one! The plastic faceted crystal ball tip has 3 different selectable prism modes that project beautiful diamond-like patterns onto any surface. Point this at a wall or even a person and watch the captivating display! The Fiber Wand end has 3 different selectable color-changing modes, including a super strobe mode that creates a flickering electrifying streak of colors in motion.

Features 3 selectable modes that control the speed of the flickering LEDs at both ends: super strobe, fast flash, variable speed. Uses 3 replaceable AA batteries (included). Lasts 6+ hours on one set

sold as-is AG-13 batteries are needed
of batteries. The wand creates a very impressive effect.


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