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lava led projection cube 2 small

Hand-Held Projection Light Cube – Spheres


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We REALLY like this! A small cube projects a large bright spherical pattern onto any surface. It is like having a professional club intellibeam light right in the palm of your hand!

We were astonished at the light power from this tiny hand-held cube! The cube uses LEDs and a convex dome to super-intensify the multi-color lights, allowing you to project a six sphere pattern (two blue, two red, two green) onto any surface. Similar to a film projector or a club intellibeam, you control how large the pattern appears simply by how far away you are from the surface you are projecting onto. Hold it a few inches from a person, for example, and the light appears as a small pattern on their torso. But hold it far away, and it can fill up an entire wall on the opposite side of the room! We have held this a good 30 feet away from a wall and been amazed at how bright the pattern is on the wall. Place a couple of these on shelves and instantly transform any dark room with a club-like effect! Or, take the cube with you to a club and have your own lightshow- just try holding a pair of these in your hands while you dance, and it will be like you have the power of two professional club lights right in your palms! People will go crazy at the effect!

The cube has 2 selectable modes: a fast flashing pattern and a slow color morph mode.

The cube features a convenient mounting bracket that also works as a carrying handle!

Each plastic cube is a small 2.83″x3.14″x2.83″ and uses 3 easily replaceable AA batteries (not included, but available for sale on our website).

Can be used with a DC 4.5V 200mA transformer (not included).


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