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Glowing Ball Lantern


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This Glow Craft Kit includes 12 bright 8 Inch Glow Bracelets and 16 fun circular bracelet connectors. Let your imagination shine by creating exciting glow crafts and decorations. Create a dazzling glow ball lantern using two circle connectors or try creating your own fun glowing craft creations! Combine this Glow Craft Kit with the
Remove the 8″ Glow Bracelets from the tube and the circular connectors from the bag. Use your imagination to create fun glowing crafts and decorations!
Non-Toxic & Non Flammable

Glow balls are a fun addition to any party. Each individual package is now on sale for $1.00/each.  These are sold as is.  They are at or near the end of their expiration date.

1 review for Glowing Ball Lantern

  1. Caitlyn Jessop

    I bought 4 of these for my cats and they love them and thank you for the fast shipping.

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