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Yellow High Intensity

Glow Sticks Yellow 30 Min High-Intensity (25 Pack)



Bend the High Intensity Glow Stick just enough to break the internal capsule. Shake to mix and start the intense glow reaction! The bright glow will last for 30 minutes.  After that, the glowstick will glow like a regular glowstick for up to 8 hours.


6 Inch High Yellow Intensity 30 Minute Glow Sticks are a high intensity glow stick that glows super bright for 30 minutes. These special glow sticks are uniquely formulated to glow brighter than a standard glow stick. High Intensity Glow Sticks are used as safety markers, emergency flares or for any use where you need an intensely bright and safe light source for a limited amount of time! Our High Intensity 6 inch glow sticks have been used for military operations and are even used for glow stick dancing and glow-stringing! All of our glow sticks including the 6 inch High Intensity Glow Sticks are waterproof, don’t give off heat, are non-sparking, so whether you’re at a dance competition or on military maneuvers, you know our glow sticks will work every time!

– High Intensity: 30 Minute Glow Time
– Color Yellow
– Includes Lanyard Necklace String
– Safer than Flares for Emergency Use
– Use for Safety & Emergency Kits

Packaging: Individually foil wrapped. Sold in sets of 25.
Shelf Life:  Approx. 5 years if kept in foil package
Glow Duration: 30 Minutes (after that it will glow like a regular glow stick for up to 8 hours)
Width: (Approximate) 13/16 Inch (2 cm)
Length: (Approximate) 6 1/4 Inches (16 cm)

25 sticks at $1.75 per stick


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