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48 Inch Black Light Tube

48-Inch 32 Watt Blacklight Fluorescent Tube T8


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This Sleeklook 48-Inch 32Watt  Blacklight Fluorescent Tube T8 will light up most average size rooms.

This 48-Inch 32 watt / 120V Blacklite Fluorescent Tube fits into any standard 48″ fixture! T8 size bulb with 20,000 hour life.

(Estimated 9 year life at 6 hours/day).
48″ long by 1.5″ Diameter
Peak wavelength 352nm – 365nm
G13 Bi-Pin Base

Use everywhere you want to crate a visually dramatic atmosphere. Designed with a special filter glass that absorbs most of the visible light, while creating a fluorescent or glowing effect when directed at certain objects or materials.


Please note that tubes/bulbs for fluorescent fixtures are not interchangeable like normal incandescent light bulbs. It is very important that you get the code of a current tube or off the fixture itself and order the correct blacklight bulb. The ballast in the fixture is rated to fire a certain wattage and diameter bulb.


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