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18 Inch Black Light Tube

18-Inch 15 watt Blacklight Fluorescent Tube

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It is time to get a new 18-Inch 15 watt Blacklight Fluorescent Tube for a great and awesome blacklight glow party.

18-Inch 15 watt / 120V Blacklite Fluorescent Tube fits into any standard 18″ fixture! 26mm Diameter Tube projects excellent black light effects in any room! Please note that tubes/bulbs for fluorescent fixtures are not interchangeable like normal incandescent light bulbs. It is very important that you get the code of a current tube or off the fixture itself and order the correct blacklight bulb. The ballast in the fixture is rated to fire a certain wattage and diameter bulb. This is a very high quality blacklight tube which can be used for almost any indoor application with the appropriate working fixture. Great for blacklight parties, lighting up UV posters or just adding some ambient lighting to your room.


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