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Fun Party Ideas

1. Glow Stick Ring Toss

The only thing that could possibly make ring toss more fun is doing it in the dark with glow sticks. You can make a pole out of just about anything, and make your rings as big or as little as you’d like. The necklace glow sticks seem to be the perfect size, but you could also connect a few of the bracelet glow sticks together.

2. Glow Stick Balloon

Fill balloons (white or colored) with glow sticks for an awesome party decoration, or just as a fun past time for the kids. After your balloons are half filled with air, carefully insert a glow stick or two, and then finish blowing them up and tying them off. These would be cool hung upside down from the ceiling!

3. Glow In The Dark Bowling

Water bottles and glow sticks make for perfect glow-in-th-dark backyard bowling pins. Make at least six of these, and use any kind of ball (basketball, soccer ball, etc.) to knock down your glowing pins.

4. Glow Jars

Although these only last a few hours (you can reactivate by breaking up another glow stick), their magical feel makes them well worth it. The kids have a lot fun watching them glow in the dark!

5. Glow Stick Chandelier

Now we’re getting fancy! Hang a plant hanger upside down, and then hang glow sticks from it to create this clever glowing chandelier.

6. Glow Stick Cotton Candy

This glowing treat will be the hit of the party!

7. Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs

Add some serious fun to Easter this year with a night time Easter egg hunt! Fill your plastic eggs with a glow stick and a few treats, and watch the kids giggle with glee.

8. Glow Stick Hula Hoop

Use the connectors on the necklace glow sticks to make one large hoop, and then connect it to your hula hoop with tape or zip ties.

9. Glow Stick Word Art

Use the bracelet size glow sticks to create words and phrases for any special occasion. How fun! It looks like a real neon light.

10. Glow Stick Hopscotch

Night time hopscotch using glow sticks!

11. Glow In The Dark Drink Cups

This is probably my favorite glow in the dark party idea. Don’t worry, the glow sticks aren’t actually in the beverage. They are resting at the bottom of one cup, with a clear plastic cup on top where the drink goes. Genius!

12. Glow Stick Pool Party

If you’re going to have a glow stick party, why not have it in the pool?! The more glow sticks, the better!

13. Glow Stick Pool Lanterns

If you’re going to have a glow stick party, why not have it in the pool?! The more glow sticks, the better!

14. Glow Stick Beverage Tub

Place glow sticks at the bottom of a large glass or plastic bowl, fill with ice, and use it to chill and light up your drinks.

15. Glow Stick Firefly

This fun craft using recycled materials will keep the kids entertained for hours. The great thing about this project is that you can simply unscrew the top and replace the glow stick when it runs out.

16. Glow Stick Floating Hands

Creepy! Fill surgical gloves with glow sticks, blow them up, and let them float in your pool.

17. Glow Stick Balloon Ghosts

I love these! Although impressive, they are easy to make with just white balloons, green glow sticks, and Sharpies to draw the ghost faces. I’ll bet you could even throw a little cheese cloth over top for a real ghostly effect.

18. Glowing Ghost Cups

This is a fun project that even the little ones can pul off. You could essentially decorate the cups however you’d like and use them for Halloween or any type of party.

19. Glow Stick Spiders

I’m digging these glowing spiders for the front porch this Halloween. They’re made with glow sticks and Styrofoam balls; easy enough!

20. Glowing Ninja Turtles

Because I grew up watch the Ninja Turtles, I had to include this project. It’s interesting how they’re made with watermelons; I think that’s a first. Such a cool idea! You could also use glow sticks for your jack o’ lanterns instead of the traditional candles.

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