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Elite Base - Blue 7ft

Elite EL Light Wire 7ft




Our 2.2mm Elite EL Light Wire emits a spectacular uniform light source, like a flexible neon wire. EL Wire is Non-Toxic, cold to the touch, very durable, and resistant to water and ice. Just add 2 replaceable AA batteries (not included) and this wire is ready to go. Each Elite Wire has 3 selectable modes: steady-on, slow flash, and fast flash. (FYI- even the slow flash blinks at a faster rate than our original¬†4 ft Technoflash Wire’s blink mode.) Comes in your choice of BLUE, BLUE-GREEN, GREEN, LIME-GREEN, ORANGE,¬†PINK, PURPLE, RED, WHITE, and YELLOW wire. Choose the 7 foot Elite Wire for $24.95, or get the spectacular 12 foot length (great for performance set decoration too!) for $34.95. The Elite EL Wire is waterproof and very flexible; however, as with all EL wires, constant bending or improper handling will reduce the brightness and effectiveness of the Wire. The wire should not be spun or thrown around or repeatedly dropped.

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Blue-Green, Orange, Pink


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